SAP full-page advertisement for Council's common position

An advertisement by SAP in Parliamentary Magazine, similar to earlier advertisements in European Voice et al, calls on members of the European Parliament to leave the Council's "Common Position" unamended, because it provides the patents which SAP needs.

SAP comments on importance of the patentability of computer implemented inventions:

Innovation must be secured by adequate levels of intellectual property protection in Europe. Copyright does not provide adequate protection for information technology solutions in Europe. Therefore, adequate patent protection in Europe is critical to SAP's global competitiveness. "At a time when the Lisbon Agenda is aiming to transform the European Union into a dynamic knowledge economy, Europe should not be lowering its intellectual property rights standards. It is innovation that provides SAP and our more than 700 independent software vendor (ISV) partners with a competitive advantage in the global market place", said Henning Kagermann, CEO of SAP AG. For these reasons, SAP fully supports the Common Position, because it creates a fair and constructive framework for European IT innovators, such as SAP and its more than 700 ISV partners, to remain competitive in the future.

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